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  Sex Male

  Birthday November,8th,

  Nationality Han dynasty

  English Name Bobo

  Nativeplace Beijing

  Telephone 010-12345678

  Present Address No.29 Beisanhuan Road, Xicheng District, Beijing


  --Director of WuShu society in the university xxxx-xxxx

  --The Commissiary in charge of studies in the class xxxx-xxxx

  --Vice-chairman of New Concept Automobile Association xxxx-xxxx


  --WuHan Automobile Polytechnic University (Sept xxxx-July xxxx) B.A in Automobile Major. Courses includes: Mechanical Design, Automobile Structure, Automobile Design, Computer and Business Administration etc.

  --TianJin University Adult Education Department xxxx Graduated from a correspondence course of Computer


  --COMPUTER operating, programing, manitaining Very familiar with DOS, WINDOWS and WINDOWS95; Programing with TC, VB, VC++;Graphic works of computer with 3DS, PhotoShop ect; Gained the National Computer Rank Examination Certificate-Grade two. (xxxx).

  --INTERNET operating Having completed a Internet training course, Experience with Internet operating and creation of Hyper text Markup Language (HTML). With the Internet Operator Certificate of Landscape Internet Service Center. (May xxxx).

  --ENGLISH Intermediate in reading and listening. Passed College English TEST-Band six(Jan xxxx).

  --AUTOMOBILE MAINTENANCE Having completed a automobile maintaining course, Gained the Technique Licence of Automobile Maintenance(Jan xxxx).

  --MECHANICAL DRAWING I win the first prize of College Mechanical Drawing Competitions.(Sept xxxx)


  PICC LIFE HU BEI BRANCH (Sept xxxx-May xxxx)

  --Salesman of life insurance

  --Under the leads of Manager, Training Department, I engaged in promoting and saling life insurance. And took charge of training some salesmen. Also, I organize some publicizing work. It was a benificial experience for me, I not only learnt the theory of changing failure into success, but also examed the ability of how to organize and challenge salesmen.


  --Marketing and Sales

  --I took charge of marketing and sales in WuChang district and HongShan district. Also, I wrote detailted and complete reports. During the time there, I firstly faced the failures and challenges of being a salesman.


  --temporary worker

  --This was temporary work, I must work 12 hours every day, sometimes must work all night. During the whole month, I learnt how to suffer hardship and make pastry.


  name: lin xxx sex: male education: vocational

  profession: car insurance assessment and date of birth: october 18, 1990

  mobile: 13471191343 tel :0760-xxxxxx

  address xxxxx guangdong zip: 528400

  educational background

  graduate institutions: guangxi traffic school senior technicians in 2014 - 2014 assessment class

  majors: automobile culture motor vehicle insurance practice troubleshooting car accident damaged vehicles will be tested with the vehicle fault diagnosis and detection technology.

  internship experience: april 2014 in guangxi automobile fair 15th

  easy-going person, honest, strong, optimistic, cheerful, loving sports.

  personal values

  my credo is: "keep making progress, work hard," i believe i will definitely give you the ability to be satisfied with a surprise! distinguished leadership:


  thank you for your visit in my自荐信busy.

  my name is kam lung industry is high-level technical schools in guangxi vehicle traffic assessment and the insurance professional graduates in 2014, as a society is about to embark on the journey of the agriculture, forestry students, and now i am faced with a turning point in life, i love my profession, and mastered some knowledge of insurance. during the three years in school, i will seriously study the various school subjects, and skilled hands and knowledge of automotive beauty, in the process of knowledge regardless of ability or the quality of self-cultivation, i have receipts very simple, two years of mentoring in the strict education and the efforts of individuals, i have a solid foundation of professional knowledge and, more importantly, rigorous style of study and correct learning attitude, i created an honest, strong, optimistic character. in addition, i also went to the 15th car in guangxi fairs, i also actively participated in various school activities, to seize every opportunity to exercise their own, to the difficult challenges.

  few years, she has to off, this is my wish. results do not represent the past now, i solemnly apply for your company, hope to join your company. i believe in my efforts, i will do my best to offer your company a force, a brilliant tim, in the end very much look forward to hearing from you.

  thriving business,祝贵!




  Name: Mr. Qu

  Nationality: Chinese

  National: Han

  Age: 23 years old

  Current location: Guangzhou

  Exit and Entry: Guangzhou

  Size: 173 cm   63 kg

  Marital status: unmarried

  Job intentions

  Personnel types: ordinary job

  Position: Mechanic categories: Automotive GPS Installer \ electrician, automotive after-sales service: motor vehicle insurance claims \ then car Rapporteur \ auto sales, transportation (land, sea and air) categories: scheduling the work life: 2 Title: Senior

  Job type: Full-time arrived to date: at any time

  Monthly requirements: 1500 - 2000 hope that the working area: Guangzhou, Dongguan, Shenzhen

  Work experience

  Company Name: Guangzhou Panyu power source start-stop car repair service center :2008-05-years 2009-04

  Company nature: private

  Industry: Manufacturing and marketing of various types of vehicles

  Positions: member of the business next car

  Job Description: January 2008 to February 2009, in Panyu District, Guangzhou Liyuan done vehicle maintenance service business center car access, and is responsible for day-to-day behavior management system, employees, business expansion, boutique sales, then the preparation of maintenance of vehicles, single fault and so on. Improve its management capacity and expertise.

  Company Name: Guangzhou Dexing car repair workshop beginning and ending date :2008-01 ~ 2008-03

  Company nature: private

  Industry: Manufacturing and marketing of various types of vehicles

  Positions: automotive electrician apprenticeship

  Job Description: January 2008 to March, in Guangzhou Dexing done car repair workshop auto electricians, auto electrical learn a lot of knowledge, greatly enhanced the capacity of their own hands, a rich social experience.

  Educational background

  Graduate institutions: Radio and Television University, Guangzhou

  Highest level of education: college degree: college graduation date: 2008-07-01

  Studies by one: the vehicle inspection and maintenance of two studies: Japanese

  Education and training experience

  Guangzhou Light Industry 2007-05 2007-06 vocational school interns excellent solid metalworking

  2007-09 2007-12 vocational school Guangzhou Automobile traffic overall solid vehicle dismantling senior electrician and maintenance mechanic

  Language ability

  Foreign Language: English General

  Other foreign language: Japanese general

  Mandarin level: master

  Cantonese level: master

  Certificate holders

  December 2006 motor vehicle mechanics to obtain the intermediate certificate in January 2007 to obtain mid-level auto electrician certification

  In December 2007 to obtain high-level automotive mechanics certification in July 2007 to obtain high-level automotive electrician certification

  December 2007 induction vehicle maintenance workers to obtain certification in May 2008 to obtain motor vehicle driver's license C1

  Personal autobiography

  I am cheerful personality, stable, dynamic, fine style of work, others warm and sincere. Self-confidence, optimism, a certain sense of innovation and creativity. A serious and responsible work, initiative, able to bear hardships and stand hard. Interested in a wide range of active. Childhood love of ball games. Therefore, there is a wide range of interpersonal relationships, a strong spirit of solidarity and collective consciousness, with people living together harmoniously, with good communicative ability and adaptability, no bad habits.









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